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Re: [ROM]|[WM6.5]|[21895]Project Orange ROM[Mar 25]

Originally Posted by heydr View Post
This ROM runs very fast. I love how you've kept things very OEM so we can add our own personal customizations in. It functions FLAWLESSLY.

I really like how involved you are with this ROM, and how you are actively seeking input from everyone here!

The only thing that is stopping me from using this ROM is the lack of 6.5.x
It would be great if you could cook one up featuring that version of WinMo because I really love this.

Also, Cookies Home Tab Mod prevents HTC Sense from loading.

A couple of small things I would like to see...

- The ability to drag and drop items in the start menu rather than the standard "move to top"

- Background in all tabs

Thanks for the great work!
I just installed CHT 1.6.1 without problems, did you disable Sense before installing it?

Also, here's a version of Background4All that works with CHT:
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