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Re: Remember 3-19-10 ...

Originally Posted by rebelx View Post
i'm concerned about the programs and cabs that i have installed in the stock 6.1 being compatible with 6.5. I've spent a lot of time configuring, locating, and installing files to make my phone just the way i like it. namely, i'm *most* concerned about "CM InternetSharing" (making my touch pro 2 into a wifi hotspot WITH wep security) (<-- and no, using wmwifirouter is not an option) and some of the other cabs that I have installed that allow for wifi hotspot use when the screen is off and range/speed extender.

Check this thread out regarding wifirouter capability:
There are two different cabs to work with that have been tested with the NEW Stock Sprint 6.5 ROM.

I have had mostly success with my 6.1 apps working with 6.5. I cannot speak for all though.
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