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Thumbs up [ROM] MyCleanImagio-21874/235XX - May/3rd/10th [Build 1.9]

Hello Everyone! Build 1.9!!! (Happy flashing!)

Now on version 1.9 (A few changes, read the changelog, a few apps on this screenshot are not cooked on MyCleanImagio 1.9)


Build 1.9 (Available with all verizon software working out of the box - optional build)

Option - SYS 21874 (same as on Stock Verizon 3.04 )
Option - SYS 23563 (Beta Preview of WM 6.5.5)

Please wait a few minutes after 1st boot (usually done when you see the custom wallpaper behind Sense). Please read the changelog.
  1. Sense 2.5.2011.3030
  2. Cookie Home Tab 1.7.1 + Editor (Tools folder - so you can customize it)
  3. Cookie 1.6.1 + Editor 1.6.1 Build available as well (Manila seems to be smoother with 1.6.1).
  4. Facebook Sense Tab.
  5. Customized Version now includes Reader, Footprints, Documents.
  6. HTC Wifi-Router. (Wifi Sharing)
  7. Taskbar+Icons Customization (Just enough to not be boring)
  8. Plain Version available. (No taskbar, etc... just a few tweaks...)
  9. Carrier Customization available. (Cricket, Sprint, Telus, UsCellular).
Customized Build 1.9 -Running very smooth/fast on Cricket/Verizon. Average of 50%-70% on ram memory during use.
Now it includes the sense tabs Reader, Footprints, and Document Explorer. Please wait a few minutes after the 1st boot.

Four options:
  • Full Verizon - with all verizon software working out of the box. (Vcast, Visual Mail, etc..)
  • Verizon - no verizon software but with verizon provision/MMS.
  • Other - no verizon software, includes carrier provisioning software.
  • Light - no verizon software but with verizon provision/MMS, no Reader, no Footprints, no DocExplorer. (Faster and recommended to start.)
Plain Build 1.9 -Plain Version with Sense 2.5 + CHT + Facebook Tab.
Faster, lots of memory available. Ideal if you want to customized it. Does not include the programs added to the Customized Build.

Two options:
  • Full Verizon - with all verizon software working out of the box. (Vcast, Visual Mail, etc..)
  • Verizon - no verizon software but with verizon provision/MMS.
Known Bugs ( Version 1.9 )
Follow up on forum starting at post #615.


[Version 1.9] - Please refer to the post #615.

[Notes 1.8] - I forgot to change the string with the rom version number used on RUU, may still say 6.5.21874.7, however after flashed will display correctly at Sofware Information. (Settings tab).
[Notes 1.8] - Customized Build - Full Verizon users, please report on the verizon apps, I made a few changes on 1.8 and I cannot test it... (I'm not on Verizon)
[Notes 1.8] - After 1st boot, please wait a few minutes before playing with the rom (usually when you can see the custom wallpaper behind Sense). After 1st boot, it is particular to this rom to go to locked mode (if you are not connected to the computer). After you press the buttom to wake up the phone (1st boot), it may take 5 to 10 seconds to load the scripts for the lockscreen, so the screen will remain black until is loaded, that does not mean a "freeze" or anything bad, lol, it is programmed to do it! Again only after 1st boot or soft reset...
[Notes 1.8] - Consider 1.8 a whole new rom, many improvements were made to my kitchen in organization, easy to use, etc... As stated at the forum, i'm not able to answer/try to help questions/learning, etc... But ill be reading the forum to get feedback and improve this project. (There is a lot more on 1.8 than i can remember posting this changelog)
[Notes 1.8] - This version i took the time to extensive test the rom and all functions (Customized Build - Others running on Cricket), such as Wifi Router, Email, Internet in general, etc... pretty much all packages are working as expected.
[Updated 1.8] - Got tired of the phone dialer/canvas. On 1.8 phone canvas is updated to latest package available for cdma phones, I applied a new skin (to my taste... very nice... was freaking hard to get it working, based on the theme Dusk available out there, adapted for this new phone canvas and Imagio phone) which you can revert to the default using the package available for download (uploading).
[Fixed 1.8] - Tweaks on active sync connection, now it's faster, fixed simple pin lock, vibration now enabled by default and can be disabled using the setting options (keyboard, phone, etc.). There were a few other fixes/improvements, i just cannot remember right now. A lot of tweaks applied towards memory management and battery life..
[Added 1.8] - Photo Resize, Blockbuster 2.41, Bing 5.1 with location fixed for the Imagio, IMDB 1.05, Standby, plus a few package updates to bring the project current.
[Updated 1.8] - Finished skinning and tweaks on lockscreen, now all notifications, simple pin lock, phone call while locked are working as it is expected, new slider as well. The wallpaper is locked, however you have two options: use the posted cab to "unlock" the wallpaper or use the lockscreen layer (photoshop or any compatible png layer editor) posted to mod your own wallpaper.
[Updated 1.7 Plain] - Now Plain Build has the lockscreen from the Customized Build with the wallpaper fixed (\Windows\lockscreen.png) fixing the buggy stock lockscreen.
[Updated 1.7] - Phone Canvas.
[Fixed 1.7] - EPST / OTA issues. (now dialing ##778 and *228 displays and work properly)
[Added 1.6] - Soft Reset app.
[Added 1.6] - Photo tab now includes coverflow/auto-rotation.
[Updated 1.6] - Office 2010, Windows Live, Slacker Radio,Wifi-Router, plus others i just dont remember
[Fixed 1.6] - Added EPST links inside \Tools\EPST. (Will not access by dialing codes at this point)
[Note 1.6] - All Build 23557 using Showcase 1.1.0 as task manager, HTC Task Manager still cooked in.
[Fixed 1.5] - Clock flip glitch (Finally!!!!lol)
[Added 1.5] - Few new icons, more 3D optimizations, manila is faster than 1.4 (try the Weather Demo).
[Added 1.5] - Comm Manager now has a few new options supporting the WiFi Router.
[Added 1.5] - Updated Device Info.
[Mod 1.5] - Manila auto-rotation is disabled by defaut to support the tabs Music and DocExplorer (which does have a fullscreen mode when rotated), CHT now has 1 page with 16 icons Home tab. (you can enable it again using the cabs posted, all tabs will rotate, however Footprints, DocEx and Reader will not display correctly rotated.)
[Fixed 1.5] - Double Bluetooth status icon.
[Added 1.5] - Slacker Radio, Sun Java Package (replacing JBed), New Voice Recorder, Phone Canvas Enhancement + Custom Keypad.
[Added 1.4] - Facebook Updated.
[Added 1.4] - New lockscreen layout with wallpaper customizable. (lockscreen.png at \Windows)
[Fixed 1.4] - Link to email account setup.
[Fixed 1.4] - Multimedia Key not showing on Buttons settings.
[Added 1.4] - Memory + System optimizations (new 3D driver + many tweaks)
[Added 1.4 Customized] - Reader, Footprints, DocExplorer tabs on Sense
[Fixed 1.4] - Random freeze when coming back from sleep. (Needs more testing).
[Added 1.3] - HTC Wi-Fi Router.
[Fixed 1.3] - Provision/MMS Verizon. (working out of the box)
[Added 1.3] - Optional Build with all Verizon Software (Visual Voice Mail, VCast, etc..)
[Added 1.2] - Facebook Sense Tab / Shake n' Save (screenshots)
[Added 1.2] - Tweaks Memory Management.
[Fixed 1.2] - Fixed lag answering calls with data connected.
[Added 1.1] - reStart (Icon/Position start menu customization)
[Added 1.1] - BSB Tweaks,
[Fixed 1.1] - Windows Live not working.


Version 1.8

Version 1.9 with CHT 1.7.1

Version 1.9 with CHT 1.6.1 (Manila seems to be smoother with 1.6.1)

Version 1.9 235XX with CHT 1.6.1 (The themes available at the cab repository will not work with this build. Consider this a "just for fun" build)
Please understand 23563 is a beta build, so may contain sys/graphics glitches, everything I do on 21874, seems to be working on 23563 fairly well, did not had to reset yet! Please understand, as I stated before, I'm not planning to keep up with these beta builds... however I'll post from time to time MyCleanImagio with them... 21874 is the stable one. This version uses Showcase as a task manager, and "you" need to learn how to use it! This is my 1st release of MyCleanImagio with WM 6.5.5.

Cab Repository (These cabs will install start menu icons according to MyCleanImagio start menu..Applications, etc, and they were tested and working on MyCleanImagio, please refer to the post #697 for info about the MyCleanImagio Theme's Taskbar's, a few screenshots at page 71)

Thank you!

A special thank you to all of you that took the time to test it and report issues, that's the only way to get it better. Those builds are really for you... as soon as the kitchen is stable without major bugs (like the MMS we had before at 1.2...) I'll post the entire kitchen with a few instructions, so you can make the changes you want and build your own rom...(Pretty close I guess with 1.9)

To not forget a BIG thank you to Cmonex (without it... no flashing for the Imagio), CookieMonster, and many others for all the tweaks/programming/skinning, etc, a lot of their work was used on MyCleanImagio.

[Carrier: Cricket] [Phone: XV6975 (HTC Imagio)] [ROM: MyCleanImagio]
[WM Build: 21874] [Radio: 2.25.00WVL]

or at least press the Thank you button! lol

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