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Re: Remember 3-19-10 ...

Originally Posted by TimStealth View Post
yea just update and then if you don't like it flash back............. it's like a 15 minute process............ One day I flashed my like 6 different times............... to finally get it the way I wanted it.......
I have a post in another thread about that. I know I can flash back but then I would have to install all the programs I had before and config the phone and apply all the tweaks I had on it. In the other thread I asked if there was a way to image the phone so I could have it go back to EXACTLY the way I have it now without doing anything but restore if I don't like 6.5.

Originally Posted by HB View Post
Thanks. This video is from November though. Is this the same version of 6.5 that is avail now? Works and looks the same? It also doesn't show all that much. It doesn't show the lock screen, messaging, calendar etc... I am searching on Youtube now for something more detailed.

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