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Re: [ v1.2 ] Calkulin's Stripped ROMs for Android - DualBOOT - 6.5 & 6.1

Originally Posted by AL_CAPONE_187 View Post
which rom is better the 6.1 or 6.5

also im going to need to be able to still use some wm applications. If i cant use them I rather use one the other regular roms like stock sprint rom and boot android.

the apps i need to use still on WM are






SmartPhone Tracker

and thats it for now that i can think of

need to be able to use in call recording also and still have threaded sms and I think those the main things. will i have any trouble installing the cabs for these and using them if i use one these roms? and which rom is better and why? I was going to go with 6.5 since its just newer but how much different and how is it from 6.1. is it worth the lil more amount of memory to use?

also do i have to use any custom radios or unlocks to get it to flash or can i just start the .exe file and it will flash and thats it. because this phone is straight from the company still have not been messed with at all
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