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Re: Should I buy Sprint Hero?

Originally Posted by spiritcrusher33 View Post
Thing is unless your one of the people who have to have to new thing when it comes out..The hero is a fine smartphone..I love mine.. running fresh 2.0b,with the newer radio.. just bought the seidio 3500 mAh ext batt. outside of a few quirks..she is running great.. I love works for me..

but with anything u have to try before u buy..then decide...If u really think bout it.. even the vogue being how old now..does pretty much what current phones do. just a smaller screen and rez.. I got the hero.. because im used to htc.. and i knew there would be countless mods and roms for it. not to mention alot of after market stuff..( 3500 mAh batt )

The moment.. i cant find anything for it.. not alot of mods. etc.. but that doesnt make it a bad phone.. many praise it..just not for me..tp2 great phone.. but more of the same with a bigger screen.. palm pre.. great os. failed, tour its a bb what else do u need..or so my wifes says..she loves her tour..

go play and decide..only u will know whats best for u..
I really want something with sense on it. however the N1 being completely open is a perk. Im definitely going to be getting a phone running android

Originally Posted by cordevil95 View Post
Sprint should have 1 or 2 announcements next week at CTIA. But yeah, I'd wait for the Supersonic of the Nexus One.
this cannot come soon enough, im stoked.

Originally Posted by willpower101 View Post
no, no, and absolutely NO!
Don't buy sprints gen 1 android phone near the END of it's prouct lifecycle. If ANYTHING, Drop money on the nexus one here in a few weeks, then ebay that to cover costs for the supersonic or further phones. If you get the hero now you are throwing some opportunity cost down the drain after the next android phone comes out and knocks the second hand market price down.
at this point im defintely waiting to see what happens with CTIA, however it will all come down to the specifics of pricing and what not. i cant justify spending full retail on a phone without carrier subsidizing. (nexus).

Originally Posted by vansmack View Post
So I had the same debate you've been having for about 2 months. Then, last weekend the screen on my Diamond went out...I tried to buy another Diamond off Craigslist so I wouldn't waste my upgrade bonus (hoping to hold off for a WinMo7 phone...). It didn't work out so I decided on the Hero (it just didn't make sense to drop $300 on a TP2 when you know it's obsolete out of the box).
i agree on the TP2

I must say, even with the 1.5 software, this phone is everything I've been trying to get out of my phone by Flashing my Diamond every couple of days and more...the Sense is Amazing and is far superior to what I've had on my Diamond.

1. I actually prefer Android 1.5 with Sense to 2.0 without Sense (Moto Droid). At this point I can't imagine a phone without Sense and will happily wait for 2.1 with Sense instead of going with a 2.0 phone without sense.
i agree sense is fantastic.

2. Visual Voicemail is HUGE and has changed how I use voicemail. Could use a few small improvements, but they are minor.
i tried getting this through some third party apps, itll be nice to have it legit

3. I've only had it for a week so I can't comment on the dirt factor, but remember the BB relies on the trackball where the Hero has the trackball as a bonus. I rarely use it, instead opting to use the touchscreen 95% of the time.
i feel that most people arent having problems with it cause its not used much, its fine by me

4. The screen is fine and an improvement over the Diamond and TP2. I don't notice any sluggishness between it and an iPhone. I don't use two finger pinch zoom. I find double tap to be more efficient (I'm a one hand phone guy)
Good to hear

5. The processor is faster on the Droid based on specs (and if you're a Sprint customer, you really should be comparing the Samsung Moment and the Hero, which also has a faster processor), but when I've used the two, I didn't notice much of a difference. They certainly work faster than the Diamond or the TP2. My debate here was to wait for the HTC Supersonic with the blazing 1 GHZ processor, but I just couldn't hold out any longer. I have 30 days, so if there's an announcement soon, I'll adjust accordingly. But since you asled about the Droid, my sister has the Droid and she was very envious of my Sense UI regardless of the processor.
i dislike samsung.

6. Too early for me to comment on as I haven't spent much time in the app store, but with the expandable Micro-SD card, I'm not concerned about it.
my number one concern with space is the device storage. with my diamond whenever i run through a lot of web pages and build up a decent sized image cache, my diamond gives me warning saying im low on space. drives me up the wall.

7. It's been better for me (I can goa full day with fairly heavy usage, but YMMV), but one is out of the box and one was a few years old. One thing that has helped is the Hero's light sensor, which dims the screen when indoors or in low light. I'm pretty sure lighting up the screen is the biggest power draw. The screen also rarely lights up on it's own (new call only, really) but that is likely a product of flashing a diamond rather than the original SW design.
ill be fine with anything that can last longer than 5 hours. longer the better obviously

Anyhow, through one week I've had no regrets with my Hero and am looking forward to the future with the phone. I'm happy to answer any more questions for you as I used this thread before making my decision...
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