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Re: Should I buy Sprint Hero?

Originally Posted by highwayman1224 View Post
I'd personally wait a few months to see if the supersonic is gonna be available & when. That's gonna be a sweet phone.
i agree 100%
if you can, just wait a few more months, if the supersonic comes out, its going to be one hell of a phone.

I love the battery life on this hero, have been using it non stop the entire day almost 5/7 days a week and never had to worry about a dead battery because it really lasts forever! (even with it fetching emails from 4 different accounts every 5 minutes, as well as getting tweets every 5 minutes)

the trackball is really nice too, ive only had my hero for about a month but I have a friend who has had his since october and has never had any issues with the trackball.

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