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Should I buy Sprint Hero?

hey everyone,

so i know there are a lot of threads out there that are similar to this one, however i feel that this will get all my questions answered much quicker than posting to individual threads.

Im currently with sprint and am currently eligible for a phone upgrade, as well as being in contract for another year regardless. I want something that runs android. Been running in as a secondary os on my diamond for a while but its got a long way to go yet. So I am leaning towards the sprints version of the hero.

here are my concerns/questions.

1. Android version.
so i know that the the hero is running a version behind the moto droid. however the sprint rep that i talked to today said that 2.1 is coming out within the next couple weeks. (true? or bologna?) He also told me that sprint was going to be offering updates either through the website, OTA downloads, or in-store. My concern is whether or not this man was credible or not. has anyone been able to update without messing stuff up?

2. visual voicemail was a HUGE +1 for me. Hows that working out for everyone?

3. Trackball
anyone thats every owned a blackberry will understand what im talking about. Trackballs, on bb's at least, are the source of problems and frustrations. I would know, i went through six of them.
Does the Hero's trackball have a lot of the same problems with dirt getting stuck in the inside and what not? and does it get ing looking with use?

4. capacitive screen
ive read that like the iphone, the hero can use the two-fingered pinch to zoom in/out. Ive also read that its not as smooth as the iphones. what are your thoughts?

5. Processor/RAM
Every review ive read says that the moto droid is faster than the hero. Is the hero noticeably slower? looking at the hero today it didnt seem slow to me at all, keep in mind im currently on a diamond.

6. Storage Space
Ive not gotten clear specs anywhere that will say how much device storage there is apart from the micro sd card. Anyone care to enlighten me? Does anyone get that annoying situation that i get on my diamond when it says its running low on device storage even though the only thing on there is the OS?

7. Battery Life
Someone please tell me its better than my Diamond's battery life. I have 2 batteries that I go through in a day even though i charge it throughout the day.

OK, so i will be watching this thread pretty much constantly until i decide what im going to do. Thanks in advance to anyone that can give their thoughts! ill try to post/reply as often as i can, as well as adding new questions as i think of them.

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