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Re: Native HTC messaging MMS fix (collaboration)

Originally Posted by Mike304 View Post
Well I can tell you this if this begins to get ugly I will retreat from this post, Like I said I'm just trying to help you guys to get this to work as i got imagio users to do so; Yes I did read the first post you need the jaatayu file to be correct for htc messaging to work, I assume arcsoft must be to. If I'm wrong feel free to correct me but I do know this jaatayu file works= htc messaging works period.
It's been a while since I posted on this thread. Could not find a solution for anything!

To reference the Arcsoft issue. Arcsoft keys are not required or referenced in Jaatayu. You can delete the entire Arcsoft reg key and SMS still works fine.

The Sprint MMS server doesn't like something that Jataayu is sending or it's not communicating properly with the server.
WAP is required to comm. with MMS server.

Waiting for VZ to deploy Sense 2.5 to see if they are using Jataayu with that one or if it's specific to GSM versions.
Furthest I got is a false confirmation from the MMS server and no MMs message delivered.

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