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Re: Custom ROM's\HSPL General Discusion\Requests\Instrucions

Originally Posted by lafester View Post
sounds like you are having problems extracting the .exe
you probably have virus protection running.
disable it and try again.
Thanks for the suggestion, didn't help tho. I notice when I open the energy rom file I get an error telling me it's damaged. I've always been able to open the file before right on the desktop on all the roms I've ever flashed, never had an issue doing that. Anyone have an issue using the energy rom titanium only version? This is a first for me, never had this much trouble before.
I've got a clean/reset imagio with the stock rom. Guess I'll start reloading and stick with it. I had it set up real sweet to , Damn flashing compulsion, the grass ain't always greener I guess, just hate to be left out of all the fun. Guess a brick job would have been far worse.LOL.
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