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Re: [ ROM ][ v1.2 ] Calkulin's Stripped ROM for Android - DualBOOT - 44MB :-)

Originally Posted by Calkulin View Post
And sd_matto, I included that reg key change for you
Thanks Calk, for including that Reg key (i.e., the "[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\WIDCOMM\Plugin\DUNServ er\ControlPanel]
Enabled=1" mentioned above).

Unfortunately, it looks like in putting back in that reg key, you added something else that messes with both (a) BT DUN ability to work, and (b) ability of USBModem (a third party program similar to WModem, but working on both Macs and PCs) to work.

I solved (a). You need to edit the registry of your ROMs to remove "[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\WIDCOMM\Plugin\DUNServ er]SendPPPTerminate=1".
EDIT1: This solution, though it fixed the problem of BT DUN not working in 6.1v2, is not the underlying cause of the problem, as the prior 6.5v1 has the same registry entry (i.e., the one whose removal fixed things in 6.1v2) but, unlike 6.1v2, BT DUN works in 6.5v1 without removing the registry entry.
EDIT2: There is no problem (a) in 6.5v2; problem (a) is limited to 6.1v2.

I am still working on (b) above.
EDIT3: Problem (b) persists across ROMs. Likely not a ROM issue (more likely a Mac OS issue), so I am abandoning this for now.

And, thanks info; I am still working on MMS.

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