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Re: [ v1.2 ] Calkulin's Stripped ROMs for Android - DualBOOT - 6.5 & 6.1

Loving the 6.1, so I had to post.

Three quick qs:

1. Are the ## codes available on this ROM (i.e., to access EPST, FieldTrial)? For some reason, the usual suspects (##DATA, ##PST) are not working. If they arent accessible, is there some CAB available to provide access?

2. When you built this ROM and added the File Explorer extensions, did you incorporate the ones for Win 6.5 available since mid-Jan 2010 (as v.2.06) at ?

3. Best CAB for MMS for WinMo 6.1? I am on Boost, so I will have to manually change settings anyways.

Thanks for letting me know.
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