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Re: Custom ROM's\HSPL General Discusion\Requests\Instrucions

Originally Posted by maisonpulaski View Post
Moderators- please feel free to remove\delete\move if this is inappropriate\posted in the wrong place\ or just flat out stupid and noobie.

WhiteStone\Imagio is my first PPC. I have a lot of questions and by reading the existing threads it sounds like their are a lot of people out there that could use some help. I thought we could get a thread for general questions and hopefully get answers from the experts.

I also have a request for a custom ROM and thought others might like to post some ideas for the ROM chefs and then chefs can know what Imagio users are looking for.


I would love to have a custom ROM that is totally lite. No Sense UI. No TouchFlo3D. No Titanium (can you have no Titanium? Bc if you don't have to have Titanium- that can go too.) No Verizon bloat (Navigator, TV, etc.).

No offense to any chefs- but I read a post that said, "after I installed the custom ROM I had 80 free MB's". I have 100free MB's with the stock Sense and the stock ROM upgrade and all the Verizon bloat. I want my phone to be lightning fast. I have a light UI that I use and love. I would love to have a ROM that is like a blank piece of paper that I can then add the stuff I want to add to it.

So I am requesting "The Light ROM". If any one can help me, I would be willing to make a donation.
What you are asking for is called a "KITCHEN" . With a kitchen you cook your own individual ROM. You add what you want. There aren't any kitchens yet but they will pop up soon enough.
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