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Re: Android/Linux for CDMA Touch Pro 2

Originally Posted by cflynt View Post
I am no expert, but that makes no sense whatsoever. Do you have some more info on your setup? Like what ROM are you using? Is it Calkulins Android ROM? If so and running off his setup instead of the SDCard, maybe he has a ts-calibration file in there. Or are you trying to run Android via a directory on your SDCard, if so maybe for some reason you have that ts-calibration file somewhere in the directory. But I was pretty sure it only accesses it via the root.

If you really want to work on getting this going, I would go ahead and wipe all the Android stuff off the storage card and try and copy the files again. Either use one of the ts-calibration files others have posted in this thread, sorry, don't have one avail to upload for you right at moment, but if still in need I will do it when I can here later on. But sounds like something is hosed in your data.img or something. So I would basically start over and see if that helps you at all.

Using the Civic rootfs that MrPippy helped with will work, but you will be missing out on the IMEI stuff and updated RIL fixes that make it run more stable and you won't have Market then and that will be a huge loss. So I would focus on working on getting the current rootfs working and see if what might be going on.

Sorry bout all your woes, hopefully starting over helps. But going back to the ts-calibration. I have done numerous tests on where it sees files and such and if that file doesn't exist it won't even finish booting till the screen gets calibrated, either right or wrong heh. You will see a little white box in the top left corner if it is working and if you can read it, it is asking you to calibrate by tapping the box. And then of course it moves onto the next box etc.
I'm currently using the standard Verizon/Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM. My device only has 184mb of RAM and 254mb of Storage which is different than what's posted on the Verizon site. Would that be why I can not get the new build of Android to load? Do I need to change some parameters?
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