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Re: [ ROM ][ v1.2 ] Calkulin's Stripped ROM for Android - DualBOOT - 44MB :-)

I like this ROM. A LOT. The changes that were made were overall good.

Having said that, I offer the following personal observations/feedback for comment/consideration:

1. Speed - Very fast. Faster than any 6.5 ROM I have played with. Slower, though, than Calk's v.1 of this ROM (which was based on 6.1), though. (Difference in speed can be seen when opening folders, through start menu, for example).

2. Memory footprint - Very small for a 6.5 ROM. Having said that, probably due to both additional apps and bump up to 6.5, it is about 50% bigger than Calk's v.1 of this ROM.
EDIT: The "gwes.exe" file is HUGE (1.07MB) on this ROM; any reason why? (At least, it seems huge when I reflect back on my ROM cooking days of WM5 and WM6 ROMs for my former Titan).

3. Change from 6.1 to 6.5 - Not sure I like this; still getting used to it. I will provide more feedback after a while. Having said that, see items 1 and 2, above.

4. Start Menu - I am probably missing something easy here, but is there a way to reorganize the layout of the icons when I click on Start? I like what is there, but would just like the ability to reorganize. Probably showing my lack of WinMo 6.5 knowledge at this point.
EDIT: GREAT JOB on the spinning Android Icon (beats the spinning wheel of Windows anytime).

5. Changes to Settings - I like most changes that were made. I would like to see the free shortcuts under Settings folder (Bluetooth, Clocks/Alarms, Lock, Sounds & Notifications, Today) put into the existing subfolders (Connections, Personal, System), though. A personal preference (a la WinMo 6.1). Plus, it would be nice to add back in "Device Information" and "Power" setting items, as I use these items a bit (I would also like "TV Out" (I have the cable), but I can live without that).

6. Changes to Program - Again, I like most changes that were made. I LOVE the Task Manager used, and the fact that Camera and Camcorder and Pics/Video (instead of memory bloat HTC Album) functionality was restored. I would like to see Windows Media AND Internet Explorer removed ENTIRELY (i.e., for those of us who want to add via CAB TCPMP (Master Codec Pack 5 is recently out) and Mobile Opera, respectively); I don't know how much memory such a removal would make available (as an aside, I noticed in version 1 of this ROM that nonoperational shortcut and program for "iexplore" stayed behind in the Windows folder; a probably artifact). Also, for those of us (like me) who load up Android from the "/Andboot" folder of the storage card, I would prefer that GenYDualBoot (and the two Android shortcuts) be added as a CAB, rather than baked into the ROM, thereby permitting editing/changes to resulting config files and links.

Overall, this is a great 6.5-based ROM.

Having said that, I would like to test a 6.1 version of this v.2 ROM that has Calk's changes built-in (with my suggestions above incorporated as well - All Settings changes as-built-by-Calk-v2, plus Device Info and Power reinstalled and icons reorganized; All Program changes as-built-by-Calk-v2, plus Internet Explorer and Windows Media and YGen.DualBoot stripped out (permitting later add via CAB)). Feel free to PM me, Calk, if you are interested in making such a 6.1 based ROM, and are looking for a tester.

Thoughts/feedback appreciated.

And, yet again, thanks, Calk for a great ROM (my observations above notwithstanding, this ROM truly is a work of art).

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