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Re: [ ROM ][ v1.1 ] Calkulin's Stripped ROM for Android - 28MB :-)

Originally Posted by Calkulin View Post
Here's a stripped 44MB ROM for those that want the best experience of Android, based on 6.5 and stripped of practically everything but the core Windows essential applications until Android is fully operational.
Originally Posted by sd_matto View Post
Wow, Calk. Did you read my mind on what my bare essentials were?

The screenshot looks great.

It also looks from the screenshot that you moved away from the 6.1 core (that looks like a 6.5 file explorer screenshot, though maybe I am mistaken). Is that correct, or am I just mistaken?
I guess that my question got answered while I was writing my response.

Looks like it is a 6.5 base.

Any idea what is the memory/speed hit for going from 6.1 to 6.5? And, for those of us who prefer the simplicity of 6.1, any chance you can make the same tweaks you just made to your ROM, but on a 6.1 base?

Personally, I would love to test both for speed/memory differences.

Thanks again for all your great work.
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