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Re: CPadle CLock Based On TITANIUM only /weather/notifications

hmmmm... i did this based off my touch pro 2 witch pretty much has an identical screen to your imagio, idk if maybe theres a conflict there between titanium, i dont see why but go to titanium customizer and disable every other panel thats not
for now to see if that fixes it....also i used resco explorer to replace the files and it does it flawlessly...i forgot to mention ima update the post right now, make sure that your file explorer is set to show "hidden files" "rom files" ect...i highly recomend resco explorer....if that dont work disable T-Weather and T-Notifications in titanium customizer and try then to see if it atleast boots....that should atleast let it boot...hmmm another pointer is makes sure u copy the main files off the windows folder..should be in total..the two CPRs and the bronzeres.dll...those are the main files that need to be in \windows....if nothing works just copy the files in the zip i attached below "TitaniumRestore"'ll restore titanium to stock state...the restore cpr's already have titanium weather codes in them too....lemme know how it goes!...may i add, the imagio is one hell of a phone!
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