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Re: Android/Linux for CDMA Touch Pro 2

Originally Posted by jdmsohc22 View Post
hmmm... first boot worked but no 3G data... second boot worked but phone soft reset upon loading Home Screen.. now third, fourth, an fifth tries all were same as the 2nd... Soft resetting about 10 seconds after boot up...

Followed every direction to the point...
SIM Card is out...
Initial setup worked fine all but having 3G...

Maybe I'll format my spare 1GB SD and throw it on there and give it another shot...
I had this same issue on last build, and no one including me could figure it out, my last effort was to totally delete everything off my card, throw the files back on there. It did it to me again 3 times and then poof, it just started working, weird stuff, but i was just happy it worked.
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