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Re: Android/Linux for CDMA Touch Pro 2

Originally Posted by makkonen View Post

I know post 1 says Sprint only, but I'd try it with Verizon anyway. The problem (at least as I know it, I haven't spoken with MrPippy about it) tends to be with carriers that require a username and password to connect to data, and I don't actually think Verizon does so. I know a few months ago when people were getting up and running with the RAPH500, it could connect to data without all the trouble that USCC et al were giving.

I could be wrong on that count, though. (There are a number of other issues that could cause a problem.) Can anyone confirm, up or down, whether data's working on Verizon?
Verizon does not require user name or password for data so it sounds like we might be good to go! I'm downloading now and will report back unless someone beats me to it.

Thanks Mr Pippy, Flyers and all you other awesome people that are making this happen!!!! Can't wait to taunt my droid slingin' office mate with my dual boot beauty.

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