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Re: Android/Linux for CDMA Touch Pro 2

Originally Posted by reekotubbs View Post
If you have the android folder, remove it. This build only seems to work with files directly in the root of the SD Card
Originally Posted by makkonen View Post
The android folder no longer works. (It was conflicting with apps that created their own android folder in the sdcard, so it was changed.) If you still want to segregate your android files, change the android folder to 'andboot'.

Or you can add rel_path=whatever to your cmdline (in startup.txt) and then use whatever directory. (You need the latest initrd.gz for this to work correctly, though.)

It is not time sensitive, it's just touch sensitive... that is, very touch sensitive. If you look at what you have there, it's 5 sets of x,y coordinates, and your second and third pair are essentially the same. Meaning it read the second point twice, making the third and fourth points wrong.

If you have trouble with the calibration, just reboot to winmo and delete ts-calibration from your android folder on your sdcard. It will run the calibration again on the next boot.

I would take that link down, simply because it confuses the issue. That's 95-Civic's old build, which contains a few out-of-tree hacks. This is the new one that's a little closer to lining up with the mainline development.

I know post 1 says Sprint only, but I'd try it with Verizon anyway. The problem (at least as I know it, I haven't spoken with MrPippy about it) tends to be with carriers that require a username and password to connect to data, and I don't actually think Verizon does so. I know a few months ago when people were getting up and running with the RAPH500, it could connect to data without all the trouble that USCC et al were giving.

I could be wrong on that count, though. (There are a number of other issues that could cause a problem.) Can anyone confirm, up or down, whether data's working on Verizon?
the andboot folder on the root of the sd card didnt work for me it was saying that i need to download a new rootfs.img
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