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Re: Sprint-provided WM 6.5 update for TP?

Originally Posted by cmajewsk View Post
A grand says he comes back with a stock 6.1 ROM.
Well, I did...kind of. Since the one phone is just a brick, the rep ordered some refurbs. She wouldn't mess with mine, even though it wasn't bricked, since new phones were coming anyway.

When I asked about the OS, she just kind of said "let's take a look when the new phones get here on Monday." What does that mean??? I know it sounds crazy, but I couldn't really get her to give me a straight answer. I didn't want to press too hard, because she also promised to upgrade me to a TP2 if those ever show up on the authorized replacement list.

So, I get the new phones on Monday. If they don't have 6.5, I'll press her again on it.

So, not a success, but not the end of the road yet. Sorry!
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