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Titanium Sprint Manila Theme (no sprint yellow so no worries)

Hi, I wasent sure if this was worth a new thread but here it goes

My SR titanium theme - Based on pure titanium, no moto script, no manila, wad, ect.....used the clock background from the old sprint manila and you'll notice a few htc icons from manila too

I just wanted something better than the plain oem titanium that wasnt third party, touch flo, WAD ect....I used moto script for a while and found it to be one of the best alternatives for a nice looking clean titanium home screen, however it bugged out very very often, reloading itself, big red X's y'know the deal....i found it to also drain not even gona start on htc sense. my objective was Clean, Eye Candy,Performance, Usability...and came up with this..


The icon in the middle ("SR"....s'a drummer thing...) can be customized to anything by editing the CPR's or bronzeres.dll

NOTES: Also to have the Weather and Floating Notification icons you must have titanium weather and titanium notification installed beforehand

After installation use "titanium customizer" to rearrange the panels to order WEATHER,CLOCK,CHOME and the rest is up to u, but those must be the first three panels for it to look right

cmhomeres.dll.0409.mui capitalizes the tittles

Currently working on a paddle clock design...just gotta get rid of the two dots between the hour n minute. getting my hero on

So far only WVGA landscape and portrait

TO INSTALL: back up your current Titanium_480x800, Titanium_800x480 cpr files and your "Bronzeres.dll which contains all your Titanium icons and your cmhomeres.dll.0409.mui files all located in WINDOWS directory.... Disable titanium from your start/settings/home...

Make sure you have titanium notifications and weather installed and titanium customizer to rearrange the order of the panels when done

From the Zip attached below
Copy "Titanium_480x800.cpr" "Titanium_800x480.cpr" and "bronzeres.dll" and "cmhomeres.dll.0409.mui" to windows directory.....then copy "CopyToDocumentsCDIG.PNG" to My Documents directory...

Then use "titanium customizer" to rearrange the panels to order WEATHER,CLOCK,CHOME and the rest is up to u, but those must be the first three panels for it to look right

Re enable titanium and voala!

I was trying to cab it up using cabwiz..spent like an hour but str8 up couldnt figure it out so anyone who can cab it up lemme know if u need help as to where everything goes...thnx

CPaddle version

special thanx to "Lobo4806" for this post
and to this awsome comunity
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