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Re: Sprint-provided WM 6.5 update for TP?

Originally Posted by dcd View Post
not to mention that a TP 6.5 update has been developed, as were already using the kernel from it. the corp store didnt flash a custom rom on her device.

DeputyStankus, can you try a hard reset on her device before you take it back to the store? I hope you don't go back with a legit 6.5 ROM installed and walk out with 6.1.
I've tried everything. It's like the battery is dead (which it isn't, since I've swapped it out with mine). I'll definitely be pissed if I come back with a 6.1 phone.

As for my promised update, I actually won't have it until tomorrow. I was able to track down the specific tech, and she wasn't in today. I have an appointment for 10 a.m. Fingers crossed!

As for the flaming, like I said, I totally get it. I've been kicking myself for posting without evidence, but I thought that if it was on her phone, it must be released. I had no idea what I was setting myself up for!
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