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Re: {ROM}{23540/6.5.5}{2/25}Formula's SPB MobileSense & Titanium Only{23541 S&V Test}

Originally Posted by tjmontan View Post
Formula84, I am very interested in giving this a run..for the past 2 mos been loading 2.1 roms and now am using some 2.5 stuff..I am in no way very experienced with this just a great follower of directions..with that said what in a step format is the best way to get this one up and running...i.e. I have just now finished downloading the sashimi file (first page) but not sure what to do with it? (do I download the rom and then load this file--after unzipping it>) I am not so familiar with sashimi but have surmised that you have pre-loaded this (awesome)..the only thing I have used is xda_uc and by that just dropped cabs in to it and let is go..i have no clue about all the xtml stuff etc etc.. but have found the cab stuff very easy..Just looking for some clarity so I can get this up and running quickly and effectively... Heavy, heavy busines user but love the goodies too (facebook, nfl, nav, nascar etc etc) as at our company our phones are not locked out...
For Sashimi it simple, use 7ZIP to extract the Sashimi folder to you desktop somewhere, plug you phone in and copy the sashimi folder to the root of your storage card, make sure you have it only 1 folder deep, example I browse to my storage card and open the sashimi folder I should see other folders not another sashimi folder. Thats it for now.

Ok so What i would first recommend is that you flash a stock rom first just to be safe. After flashing the stock rom, pull the battery for 30+ sec. Put the battery back in but don't power up, hold the Vol Down + Power until you get the tri color screen, plug you phone to your pc, use 7zip and extract the rom of your choice. Flash the rom, and let it take the wheel.

On first boot Sashimi autoloader will launch and you can let it run through Auto mode if you'd like or you can choose manual and manually install each cab you want. I have put the core apps that I use in the Auto folder, but many others that you can pick and choose from in the manual folders as well. I did my best to organize each cab's category and created subfolders of the cab folder for better organization.

You could also prior to flashing look through the sashimi folder structure i have setup and if you find things in manual that you know you like you could simply move them to the same folder in the auto directory this way at flash you can have it setup all the cabs you know you want with minimal interaction. There will be a few cabs that you will have to answer questions to so you do need to pay attention during the process.

Hope this helps you out and others as well with sashimi as I said i would write up instructions but never did.
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