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Re: |R|6.5.5|ROM|WWE| ★ Energy "Leo" 23529/21892 |Feb 16| ★ Sense 2.5.2012 / MaxMani

someone posted earlier in the thread that they were having problems with txt messages. i am having a problem with mine locking up as well. im on the 21892 rom from feb 16 max manilla. im not sure if mine comes from sending while receiving or not. i dont believe it does. but i could be wrong. the only way i notice that the txt have froze is if i try to open sms it wont load. also i wont be able to rescieve txts. and the last txt i tried to send wouldnt have been sent. every once and a while it will stop sending and the sms app will open when i go to it. when i type a message and send it it seems to have been sent. but it wont send any txt and i can still recieve txt. i did have this problem on the last rom release also. didnt use it but a day or two and this one came out. i flashed the last rom fresh from stock because this is a new phone for me. i did the hard reset after flashing with the first rom flash and this one. so i dont think that is the problem. and the last poster to have this problem said they were on the 23529 max manilla rom from feb 16. i have read through the thread and havent seen a fix for this problem. this happens atleast 4 or more times a day. im a heavy texter and this is a problem because i dont know that i am missing txt when this is happening.
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