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Re: G1 with 2.1 worth it?

Originally Posted by orangekid View Post
does anyone have a g! and run it with android 2.1 with sense on it, I have been debating rooting a mytouch 3G or a G1 with android 2.1 and sense,but not sure with the phone specs how well it performs. If anyone has a G1 customized iwth 2.1 can you report how well it runs?
I have tried running sense with 2.0 on my Dream and I must say that it performed better than expected, although it was considerably slower than the stock firmware. When I tried sense on a friends Magic (Rogers official upgrade) I found it to be faster due to the extra memory. I would say that the Google maps nav and awesome widgets are a big factor in using sense with 2.1 so I would say try it and if you don't like it then simply try a more stable, non sense firmware
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