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Re: Would WinMo even be relevant without HTC?

HTC is great but when markets and profits to be made come calling someone will snag up the project. Some failures some successes. They did help growing the interest of the smartphone market by releasing so many in the last few years plus with the advertising rather than your dinky free phones to get you into the carriers stores.

I use android daily for the last few months but I still have a need for winmo in many many cases. Eventually I think Android will catch up but they still are behind in functionality until developers start matching many of the programs offered for years on winmo. It would be quite costly to revamp systems to handle other types of OS's.

Microsoft is finally seeing that they are missing out on a whole other market now that everything is so portable. I doubt Windows Phone 7 will be the answer but should improve things.

IMO these phones should be made to max out the multimedia experience in both, video, web, and audio.......if you have enough power and spec to generate good results in those you could use almost any application or function for the business user with much ease.
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