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Re: |R|6.5.5|ROM|WWE| ★ Energy "Leo" 23529/21891 |Feb 7| ★ Sense 2.5.2011 / MaxManil

Originally Posted by aguenter322 View Post
LOL I hardly believe nobody has tried WiFi over the last 72 hours on the 2/7 release. Maybe you haven't seen anyone reporting on the problem because...wait for're the only one experiencing it?

In other news, NEW ROM IS UP! Get your RUU ready!!!!!

I guess, you're right. I mess it up after install Tomtom. but what tomtom has to do with the WiFi any way. However, I did a hard reset and it connect again. I'm downloading the latest version while typing this reply.
Thank you guys.
Oh by the way, Does any of the Pro in here know about Tomtom map?
I see there are several version of it and don't understand or know which one is the latest or the best to use for North America. Please see below:

I do not understand what is GB. if 2GB is the SECOND generation then why the file is smaller then the non GB?
Why are there 2 versions of USA map. what are the differences?
North_America_840_2562 (1.73 GB)
North_America_2GB_840_2562 (1.58 GB)
USA_and_Canada_840_2562 (1.64 GB)
USA_and_Canada_1GB_840_2561 (787.21 MB)
USA_and_Canada_2GB_840_2562 (1.51 GB)
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