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Re: 01/27/10 SPRINT NEODIUM_V2 (SYS 21889 Sense UI 25)

Originally Posted by flyers2114 View Post
I would retry it....I am still on V1 and originally it was locked...but when I went back in it worked after initial flash....and there is only 1 cdma entry and 2 gsm....
Okay, you are right, it is locked in both V1, and V2. I was mistaking it for the way it looked when I had used MightyROM. In the case of MightyROM, you had to install

Once you did, MMS worked. In that case, there was the 1 in CDMA and 3 in GSM. The only trouble in MightyROM though is that MMS worked, but it was half 4ssed in the sense that when you were in SMS, and tried to "attach" an image, the option wasn't there when you wanted to send. It was like it had a 1/2 botched impementation of it as well.

Hmm .... Anyone have any other thoughts?
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