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Re: SMS Ghost Unread - Sprint Stock ROM

Wonder what is causing this? I've never had it happen. Stock or Mightyrom. And for the first time, mine did it yesterday. The only thing that has changed is that I set up an additional email. I always set up my yahoo account right after a flash. Well the day before, I set up my gmail account also. Other than that, I installed the swype cab to try it out. Those two things is the only things that have really changed.

Something else to note: After the above mentioned, when I go to start a new text message, used to when I would start typing the persons name, it autofills the name for you. Well, within the last few days, sometimes this doesn't work. I can type their name, and nothing. If I type "Kevin". No number or list of names appear. Until I hit enter. Then it comes up with suggestions. Very odd. All this just started happening at once. I'm usiing mighty 1/13.
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