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Re: Tellme vs Bing vs Voice Command (Speach only, no Keyboard)

Originally Posted by maisonpulaski View Post
1. Voice command.
Here is my question- how in the heck do you even get voice command to work. i read a little in the help section (real helpful -not). it said to press "the button" and then speak. Hmmm- be nice to know what button they meant exactly.
I am a total noob. so if you can help me locate the infamous button, i would love to try voice command.

2. bing.
the voice function has never worked for me.

3. Tell me.
i wanted to use it for texting while driving. Less of a distraction right? wrong. i repeated the same phrase 100 times and it kept coming out in Chinese. if my wife spoke Chinese that would be great- but she doesn't.
so overall my voice experience has not been positive.
*edit* I'll add this to the first post for helping others without reading through all the posts
I typed a long response to this & lost it. Here's my 2 cents:
A. Go into start, settings, system, Microphone AGC & ensure it is set to "Disable".
B. READ YOUR MANUAL & find exactly where the mic is on your unit, I find the best luck it to speak clearly (NOT slowly) 2 inches away, perpendicular (not directly at it to eliminate wind/breath noise)
C. If you don't hear the tones & clicks described below, ensure your volume is turned up & you have the latest .cab file.

1. Voice Command: Settings are here: (start, settings, personal, Voice command) I set mine to tell me/speak who's calling me (no ringtone needed). Announce Calender reminders. Announce incoming emails & subject Really some nice features.
A. Go into start (windows softkey), settings, personal, buttons, and ensure the "Send key(Hold)" has "assignment" of Voice Command. If not, in #2 do so.
TO USE: Hold the send/call/off hook (it's the same button called lots of names) down for 2 seconds until you hear an ascending 2 tones, then speak your command. If you hear a single low tone, it didn't work & you have to start again. Make sure your phone's not on mute.
KEY WORDS: START or OPEN program (ex: opera mobile) or ie favorite name (ex: ppcgeeks). To open internet favs by voice, you must copy the windows/favorite folder to windows/start menu/programs first & then reboot. Some key examples of my preset & renamed favs: Open traffic, open 94 and 4 94 traffic cam, open trapster, open (radio station fav)
CALL contact name
DIAL 202 333 1234 (just say the number you want to call.

2. Bing: Press the bottom left soft key "Speak" & you'll hear a quick ascending 2 tones. Speak what you want (pizza), choose map all if you want. If you hear a double descending tone, you'll have to press speak again. I don't use any of the buttons (categories, map, directions, traffic, movies..) much, opting to just speak what I want instead.
Menu, Settings: Check "locate me", Speech Recognition, Autosuggest & cache to storage card if you have a SD card.

A. Insure you hit "Change Location" first, then "Current GPS" ("Locate Me" never works for me (error msg), it then starts the GPS up which takes a few seconds & then wants you to name your location. For home & work & locations you will use again, name them (ex: work, home). If you're out & about I simply hit "Done" (bottom left) & it redundantly tells/asks you evertime "this location..exists, replace it? YES
After you have saved your home, work, etc.. you won't need to set again, just insure your "Location:" is set to the preset location your currently at OR change location to "recent" for a list of your already saved favs, OR Current GPS to look up something where you're at temporarily as described above.

3. Tell me: Double descending tone when entering Tellme, Press Speak in lower left corner & you'll get an ascending double click & buzz, descending double click when your input has been accepted or you press stop (after done speaking if you want), repeating triple clicking while it's thinking,,,, etc...
-->see above "All Voice Issues". Very often comes out wrong for me also, keep them short & sometimes you'll have to edit perhaps one stubborn word.
REGARDING YOUR LANGUAGE ISSUES: I'd search for the latest .cab file here on ppcgeeks, update this post with a link & install it again. Good luck

This is a very brief summary & lots more can be found by googleing. Info on Tellme commands seem to be a bit lacking.
This is my experience via trial & error & lots of reading, if it helps you, you know where the thanks button is.
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*HOW TO! *Voice (MSVC), Bing, Tellme *ANDROID *TV
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