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Re: Leaving WinMo for HERO (android)

Originally Posted by Tonedabone2196 View Post
Yep, you can sync it with Outlook. Can also sync with an Exchange server for push functionality.
Originally Posted by outlaw.99 View Post
I didnt know that..And it does this directly with no in-the-middle software??..

I may have to look closer at the Motorola one when the prices come down a bit...Unless HTC has a Verizon model with the keyboard of course.... I held a friends Motorola Droid and it was a nice combo of size and weight for a PPC, and I liked the keyboard....
No. You cant. At all. Only Exchange, and only Gmail. Just sold my Moment...
Its funny, at least 35 threads a day are people who tried to flash and messed up, or wonder why in the middle of the night their phone up and did a hard reset by 'itself'.
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