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Re: [Guide] USCC TP2 to EnergyROM

A big thanks to Murducky. I have been searching for days to add MMS to my TP2 until I stumbled on to your thread. I have the following set up:

Telus TP2 (T7379) worldphone unlocked
GSM Carrier: AT&T (I do not use the CDMA in the U.S.)
ROM: 1.19.661.3 (Stock)
Radio: 1.92.00WV
WM 6.1 (no MMS !!)
CE OS 5.2.21052(Build 21052.1.6.5)

I bought this unlocked in EBay from Canada. AT&T changed the keyboard layout which is really cumbersome! So I went with the Telus TP2 Worldphone. My old phone was the TyTn II.

I loaded your apristel Arcsoft MMS USCellular Then I used the settings used by AT&T instead of USCC:

Server Name: AT&T MMS
Port Number: 80
Server Address: (http)
Connect via MEdia Net
Sending Size limitation: 300k (set by AT&T)==> I did not touch this setting.
WAP Version: WAP 2.0

The MEdia Net Settings are:
Connection Name MEdia Net
Select A Modem: Cellular Line (GPRS, 3G)
Access Point Name: wap.cingular
User Name: (leave this blank)
Password: (leave this blank)
Domain: (leave this blank)

When sending MMS I selected the Pic/Video options. I had to play with the resolution of the photos due to AT&T's limitations. I was able to send VGA (640x480). I will try the higher resolutions later but I do not think it will send much higher resolutions than this. I was able to tweak the camera on this to take about 5 megapixels! (thanks PPCGeeks!). Used CeRegEditor, Total Commander, and Advanced Configurator v3.3 for some of my other tweaks. Great tools! I confirmed I was able to send AND receive MMS! Now I have the option to send via MMS or via E-mail. I love having options!

I am fairly new at this tweaking stuff. But I really loved the challenge and I am glad I stumbled on to your thread! Thank you again. I hope my information above helps out some poor lost soul out there.

Oh, BTW, did I tell you I really love this computer? The TP2 is a computer with phone features!=D> Hats off to HTC and to you guys!
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