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VOICE: Tellme, Bing, Voice Command, Google Maps *DOWNLOAD LINKS* (Speach, voice)

Links to software downloads in RED at bottom:

1. Web searches: BING using the voice softkey
2. Find any business, local retail, directions, to call them, etc.: GOOGLE MAPS using the phone Talk key to trigger.
3. Calling contacts, dialing phone numbers by the number, checking the time, appointments, pulling up all bookmarks & favorites in IE or Opera, (checking traffic, cams, listening to radio stations): VOICE COMMAND

tellme doesn't work well in a loud environment (in the car). Google Maps & Bing work great.
Voice Command: (100% speech directed, NO keyboard allowed) (click download link at bottom)
* Calling contacts
* calling people by number, etc..
* "what time is it?", "what day is it?", "what is my next appointment?"
* "help": --> (response: phone, contacts, media, calendar, start menu, status, general?)
* "play Jimmy Buffet", "skip"
* opening up any applications ("open trapster", "start tellme" !!! :>))
* opening up massive tons of web pages via voice (open/start favorite name) ie: "open" (traffic, cheap gas, highway cams (by name), radio stations... example: "open kqrs", sports scores. (must have the website as a favorite & then copy the windows/favorites folder into windows/start menu/programs first & then reboot)

Complete voice command help link: VERY COOL!
Voice Command Tutorials | Smartphone and PDA | Windows Mobile 5.0
If download link at bottom doesn't work, any old version does the same (I can't find much difference) Search ppcgeeks for other versions.

6.5** Use MSVC 21xxx (21725, 21881 ..) for all 6.5 ROMs typically 21xxx (e.g. 21916) WinPhone OS
6.5.x** Use MSVC 23xxx, for
all 6.5.x ROMs 23xxx, 24xxx (incl. 21679, 680, 681),WinPhone OS
6.5.x ROMs have start(Winkey) & X button on bottom of screen
(if you can't find the setup which is usually in start(winkey), settings, personal.... reboot your phone, if that doesn't work, reinstall VC to main memory... thanks udayse post 26)

Bing: (Seach the web - speech directed, almost no keyboard needed) (not the POS web software bing)
**edit 6/17/10** The new Bing is AWESOME!! NO MORE 10 buttons to press, HAS VOICE COMMAND (you should see a bunch of different backgrounds that rotate if you have the newest ver).
#1 best thing about Bing, you can search the web via voice!!
For locating businesses closest to me (pizza, auto, etc..), getting maps & directions to them & follow me GPS setting so I can see a map of where I am & where I'm going.

Tellme: (speech directed, almost no keyboard needed)
1. Almost exclusively for text messaging, voice to text transcription, so I don't (won't) type while driving & 2. calling contacts in my contact list.
* Doesn't do mapping & directions well at all (to the point of uselessness)
Voice recognition has greatly improved from where it once was!!

Google Maps: NEW** Search & directions by voice! Best voice recognition. Seems to have latest directories & more results than Bing.
************************************************** **
***************** BASIC INSTRUCTIONS *************
**** (added below)

A. Go into start, settings, system, Microphone AGC & ensure it is set to "Disable". (NOT THERE in the newest ROMs (6/17) will look into, please post if you know where it is.
Best Practices for Enabling Voice Recognition

B. READ YOUR MANUAL & find exactly where the mic is on your unit, I find the best luck it to speak clearly (NOT slowly) 2 inches away, perpendicular (not directly at it to eliminate wind/breath noise)
C. If you don't hear the tones & clicks described below STOP - it's NOT working. Ensure your volume is turned up & you have the latest .cab file.
D. REDUCE BACKGROUND NOISE. You may not be able to use it at all in the car if you have: the stereo on, loud muffler, compact car with little insulation which results in loud background noise, the window open, the heater/AC fan on high, outside in general, TV on, radio, kids, dog, etc...

1. Voice Command: Settings are here: (start, settings, personal, Voice command) I set mine to tell me/speak who's calling me (no ringtone needed). Announce Calender reminders. Announce incoming emails & subject Really some nice features.
A. Go into start (windows softkey), settings, personal, buttons, and ensure the "Send key(Hold)" has "assignment" of Voice Command. If not, in #2 do so.
TO USE: Hold the send/call/off hook (it's the same button called lots of names) down for 2 seconds until you hear an ascending 2 tones, then speak your command. If you hear a single low tone, it didn't work & you have to start again. Make sure your phone's not on mute.
KEY WORDS: START or OPEN program (ex: opera mobile) or ie favorite name (ex: ppcgeeks). To open internet favs by voice, you must copy the windows/favorite folder to windows/start menu/programs first & then reboot. Some key examples of my preset & renamed favs: Open traffic, open 94 and 4 94 traffic cam, open trapster, open (radio station fav)
CALL contact name
DIAL 202 333 1234 (just say the number you want to call.

2. Bing: Press the bottom left soft key "Speak" & you'll hear a quick ascending 2 tones. Speak what you want (pizza), choose map all if you want. If you hear a double descending tone, you'll have to press speak again. I don't use any of the buttons (categories, map, directions, traffic, movies..) much, opting to just speak what I want instead.
Menu, Settings: Check "locate me", Speech Recognition, Autosuggest & cache to storage card if you have a SD card.

3. Tell me: Double descending tone when entering Tellme, Press Speak in lower left corner & you'll get an ascending double click & buzz, descending double click when your input has been accepted or you press stop (after done speaking if you want), repeating triple clicking while it's thinking,,,, etc...
-->see above "All Voice Issues". Very often comes out wrong for me also, keep them short & sometimes you'll have to edit perhaps one stubborn word.

1. Bing (mobile app)
2. MSVC Newest: Microsoft_Voice_Command_v1.6.23568_color, (MSVC DL directory thanks tons Pyrorob)
3. TellMe

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File Type: cab Bing.CAB (2.61 MB, 67 views) Click for barcode!

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