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Re: alright pre fans... talk it up.

The pre was a pretty good phone, but I moved on to android and I'll tell you why. My only real gripe about the pre was the app catalog. NOT because of the quantity of apps, no that would be stupid. What bothered me was the pricing on everything. I thought by now maybe the prices would go down, but the new games that even just came out are like 9.99. I can get a comparable game on android for 1.99 with a 24 hour return(full refund) policy. If you're okay with paying too much for apps and possibly having to exchange it due to build quality issues once or twice to find a good one, then go for it. WebOS is a great new operating system (multitasking is second to none), and the pre's hardware (internals like the cpu and gpu) is fantastic.

hope I helped a little bit
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