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Re: Intrepid GSM Carrier Locked

Originally Posted by eng1neer View Post
Well it appears that the Intrepid is carrier locked to not work with US carrier sim cards. I have been going round and round with Sprint attempting to get the unlock code for my device and they swear that this device is unlocked and there is no code for it... If U put any domestic Sim card in the device it comes up asking for a pin code and allows 10 tries to enter... Is there anywhere to get an unlock code for this device (even paid). Sprint says that they don't have it and I have been through hours of phone calls trying to get this matter taken care of. In the tests I've run, Sprint's card works and funny enough, you can put a boost mobile card in, and the unit will not show carrier locked. Also, how do you get the IMEI number out of the phone.. the usual gsm codes don't seem to work and a seperate IMEI number is not printed on the phone or the box.

Any guidance would be much appreciated!
The way to unlock the GSM portion is go in to settings then phone...Then choose GSM only..and it'll ask for you SPL...(code to program your MSID and MDN number in the phone)walla....It's unlocked and can be used with any GSM carrier...Good luck..
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