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I gotta wonder what you folks did to you TP1s. I had mine for over a year before any problems. Then one day the talk button wasn't working 100%. Suffered that for a few weeks and then the keyboard went out. Suffered that until I came to terms that my fingers were too fat for the touchscreen keyboard.

Finally, I took my phone in for service on 12/23 and they said sorry for your trouble we'll have a TP2 on the way for you, no charge. Don't think they even asked if I dropped it or anything. The very next day my TP2 was in the store. Granted, they never told me it was. I just showed up and asked (on 12/30 ironically enough) if it was in.

Been in love with it ever since just like with my TP1.

(fyi i came here looking for info on the moment bc my wife may want one. but ill likely push her to get the TP2. well see...she never listens to me anyway...)
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