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Re: |R|6.5.3|WWE| ★ EnergyROM "Leo" 28011/21885 |Dec 31| ★ Sense 2.5/ MaxManila/ Dusk

Originally Posted by jmy72 View Post
First of all, as I said I wasnt bashing him and no crap you aint NRG. Cuz if you were, you would know I have been a long time supporter of NRG.

Second of all, there are chefs that have it correct out of the box for CDMA ROMs, Now that a true 6.5 ROM for CDMA has been released. I just think Nrg may need to sit down with a couple of em and find where the correct settings are.

And lastly, FREE? oh okay, so what you are saying is you are one of the slackers that take, tahe, take, and never give a donation? Its people like you that expect everything for "free" that are the reason some chefs say whats the point. Speak for yourself, many of us have donated $$$ to several different chefs that deserve it, and NRG is one that many of us have donated to.[/LIST]
How the hell you come up with that conclusion again? Because they offer their roms for free.. they are technically free they accept donations...???? Not that I need to answer to you, but, I have donated to Mighty Rom, even though I am in the same boat with a rom that isn't solid, but I'm not complaining like yourself. I wasn't referring to multiple people, just you and your post. I'm appreciative to all the chefs for what they do, so don't get it twisted. I haven't even DL'ed another rom except Juicy. Whoever I am happy with, is who I will donate to, that is who is deserving of it correct? Anyways..
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