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Re: |R|6.5.3|WWE| ★ EnergyROM "Leo" 28011/21885 |Dec 31| ★ Sense 2.5/ MaxManila/ Dusk

Been checking some of the Energy ROMs out. I really like the EnergyROMs. Before I ever looked at any of the ROMs I played around with all the different .cab customizations and have truely been astonished by these phones and Winmo as a whole.

After going through what I've found in this thread, my one hangup on all the EnergyROMs is (as with many folk) the messaging. I am on US Cellular and can't find much info on them. I've tried the settings from Mighty's thread >>
(even the second option of mmsc2 in place of mmsc1 from later in Mighty's thread) and it still doesn't work. I'd hate this to be the dealbreaker for me on this ROM. Any ideas?

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