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Re: Haus Intrepid Tips and Tricks

Hi everyone,

I am completely new to the world of forums/posting/etc. I’m also new to the world of smart phones but made the jump from a simple flip phone (Sanyo Katana II) to the Intrepid to have mobile access to personal and work email/calendars. On one hand, I love the Intrepid for the things it can do that my previous phone couldn’t. On the other hand, it’s quirks are annoying. I found this thread and see a lot of issues addressed that I’d like to fix by doing registry edits. I privately contacted Haus about it and he referred me to an article at "". Thank you Haus!! I am definitely one of the people they mention at the beginning (baffled/scared). To my embarrassment, I am still feeling lost about how to do this. I understand how to use file explorer. I understand copying/pasting/etc. I have edited the folder views to unhide any hidden folders/files. I’ve tried finding the folders/files like “HKCU\ControlPanel\Sounds\NotiCharger” without any success. I’ve tried it on just the phone and while the phone is connected to my PC via the USB cord. Is there a program/software not on the phone that I need to download/add in order to see/edit the registry folders/files? If so, what is recommended? Same question for backing up the registry before editing. Again, I admit my ignorance and ask for your patience while I try figure out how to do this.