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Re: Have tp offered palm pre, I have questions please help

Originally Posted by Biggnaa20 View Post
You can use the phone as a modem, but will have to get a homebrew program for it:

Gmail and hotmail support is fine. I have had no issues with 3 gmail, one hotmail and an exchange account...

Never had an issue with the calendar entry, but be warned the calendar is a little slower than the Touch Pro. I like the layout of the pre alot better though. Also after the last update (1.3.5) the calendar is a lot snappier.

No SD card, BUT you can download over the air through the catalog or through Preware.

You can't use skyfire or opera as these browsers have not been developed for the pre yet. Palm is open to having more than one browser in the future so the potential is there (but i wouldn't hold my breath...)

it plays formats that the iPhone can play it streams MP4s and youtube video. If the iPhone can play it, then so can the Pre. That said there are a LOT of streaming video out there for the iPhone.

Documents to go has been promised and will allow you to edit Excel...but it aint here yet.

This thing has the best camera on a phone I have used yet. I only took like 10 pics with the touch pro since it was slow and...well slow. The pre is snappy in daylight and ok in low light. but I think you'll be happy with the camera.

hope that helps. Overall I like the phone. I tried to use the TP for a day...and I couldn't go back to it.

I wish I could thank you more than once. This really will help me make my decision!
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