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What phone would you choose?

So, ever since the Touch Pro2 came out for sprint, I have been in love with it. I been dreaming of having it. Has such a big screen and what not.. But my question is.. Is it better then the Touch Pro? Does the battery life last longer? Is the camera better? Did they really change anything beside the apperance? I'm debating on the Palm Pre or the HTC Touch Pro2. I'm not too sure which one to get. I think if the Palm Pre had the screen size the touch pro2 has and the keyboard I wouldnt even have to think twice about which phone to go for. But I'm not too sure about the small keyboard, the screen I can do because it's a lil bigger then my Touch Pro.

So my question is.. Which one would you choose? Have you tested out the Touch Pro2 & Palm Pre? Which one did you like better?
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