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Re: Changed phone number, now cant get mms or internet!

Originally Posted by whitey10tc View Post
If it a dealer yes, if it's a corp store they most likely won't touch your phone.

If you go back to the place that flashed it they will probably help you out. Also what city and state are you in? I might know a dealer that can help!

If you are getting the American Roaming now and won't *228 to cricket then it sound like your MDN is not correct. You can obtain the following from cricket CS over the phone @ 1-800-cricket. Ask for the following: Your MDN,MIN/MSID SID,NID and your PRL number for your area.

After you have the above info PM with the following your SID # PRL # if your are running a stock ROM (meaning does it say sprint or the original carrier at boot up and in the header on the home screen) The solution to your problem is in your EPST setting of the phone. and can easily be fixed.
Im in houston tx. Im going in today to see whts going on. Thanks everyone
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