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Re: Changed phone number, now cant get mms or internet!

Originally Posted by whitey10tc View Post
For my fellow cricket user you will need to do the following to update your user name to your new MDN 10digit phone #
Go to phone dialer pad
dial ##778# or ##778 (SND)
select edit
enter 000000
view info
goto security
edit both user ID's = replace old number with new
view info
MIP default profile
edit NAI = replace old number with new.
menu, OK, OK, OK
let phone reboot
then change in the following area
Settings > Connections > Connections...
Click the Advanced tab
Click the Select Networks button
Click the Edit button
Click the Edit button
Click the Next
Click the Next
change out old number for new
Click Finish

Then for MMS you will need to do the following get PHM registry editor if your don't have it. Then goto HKLM/Software/arcsoft/arcsoft mms ua/cofig/mm1/wspheader find x-cricket-mdn and replace with new number.

That should get you up and going if not PM me and I'll help you out more.
First off, thanks for your help I tried the steps but no internet yet.. On the NAI, i sthat field supposed to contain my phone number only? Before I edited it I noticed it had a bunch of letters. I also tried calling cricket to program my phone but it said it was unable to do so.. Thanks again
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