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Re: [ROM]RootRom/DarkRoot/MaxDarkRoot 2.5/28011 - Dec 23 2009 and NinjaRom TF3D 2.1/2

just wanted to make a small contribution to the thread...

Having had some free time due to a SOLID rom , I was trying to learn mortscript to find a quicker way, if not automate the entire process of restoring phone after the flashdance. I prefer to use PPCPIMBackup app to save all my essential PIM data, texts, and stuff so here's are a couple of scripts to automate backup and restore of PPCPIMBackup.

The back up script "usepimbackup.mscr" (my first primitive attempt at a script) can be saved anywhere you like on the storage card. Running the script will create a folder called BACKUPs in My Documents directory of your storage card. If you like, you can create a lnk in sashimi to have it show up in the start menu after a flash so you can just tap it any time you want to backup your PIM data.

The "restorepim.mscr" written by studentjunk, should be saved in sashimi\auto\scripts folder. During sashimi auto install, this will automatically run PPCPIMBackup to restore your most recent backup in the folder created by the first script

This has been tested on my phone at least a dozen times. Hope it helps!!
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