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Re: RootRom/DarkRoot/MaxDarkRoot 2.5/28011 - Dec 20 2009 and NinjaRom TF3D 2.1/23506

Originally Posted by rootlinux View Post
Will try to fix the HTC messaging.
It seems to break with other mods being installed. LOL

You can however use WM messaging in landscape from the hard keyboard if you just hit the TXT or envelope to bring it up.

Glad you like the rom.
If I get time I will release something else before Christmas but it will probably be after.
Kids/family and all that.
no worries mate, i know exactly whatcha mean. ive got two of my own, and its that time of year to spend it with them..this is definatly a rippin rom and im gonna put it to the text for a couple days. ill letcha know how it goes. thanks again
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