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Re: Wife's phone dropped in toilette - can I activate my old TP1?

Originally Posted by KillAByteZ View Post
HTP...did they let you keep ur TP after they upgraded you to the TP2??
Sort of, they "let" me keep it because I paid full retail for it as an Alltel customer, so I owned it and they had no use for it. That was probably the worst decision I have ever made, the PPC I bought before that was also paid full retail. I was younger then and still living at home made me feel like Donald Trump and I 'had' to have the newest of everything $600... lol, oh boy.
August 12th... Droid-2! Still undecided; but leaning toward purchasing, as a phone to "tide" me over (according to great advice from ckeegan) until truly remarkable devices are released from Verizon fully operation on 4G networks in 2012!
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