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Re: Native HTC messaging MMS fix (collaboration)

Originally Posted by chris1683 View Post
Are you able to still tap a message in TF3D Messaging Tab and go to the threaded messages or is that link still broken?

I am also wondering if chefs can replace HTC Messaging altogether and cook in Arcsoft in its place or if there are too many dependencies in manila for the default messaging client.
My messaging now works almost exactly like it did on the stock VZW ROM. You can view or reply to a message thread in the Manila tab by tapping a message but if you select the "all messages" softkey or the compose message button it takes you to the WinMo client.

As far as cooking it into a ROM, I'm going to recook my ROM from Calkulin's kitchen this weekend with the two cabs for this hack added in as EXTs and see if it works. I've already got everything added to the kitchen I just haven't had time to flash and test and resync all my info again.
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