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Touch Pro Replaced with TP2 or trade with HTC Hero

Hey I haven't seen this thread yet but I am getting my TP1 replaced by a TP2. I went to a sprint store after I made my phone stop working and they said I have had my TP replaced 6 times in the past 6 months. The rep told me that they will probably be replacing my touch pro with the touch pro 2. After that long hour wait the tech came and told me that they will be replacing my touch pro with the tp2. I asked the rep if I could just get the Htc hero since its like a thousand dollars cheaper and she said they couldn't even though the touch pro 2 is the most expensive fone one the market. Anyway I still have my upgrade and I was wonder if I should just go and get the htc hero since sprint won't get me the hero. I would figure that sprint would give me any phone since its so expensive. Or should I tell someone who wants the tp2 to buy the hero and I'll trade....

Second I want to say is that I really want the hero but is it worth having it... any users out there like the hero over the pro if so I probably won't go to it... I really want the hero because its different and the apps that you don't have to pay for since windows mobile makes you pay for everything.

any suggestions if i should trade or should I stay.

If I trade anyone willing to trade with me?

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