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Sprint TV cab *NEW downloads* WM 6.5 & Sense! Video+ TV Out, Free Disney/Sprint

A Sprint TV cab that works with old AND new style windows, Windows Phone 6.5 (6.5x) which has bottom right, X button & bottom left, Win-key/start button for a Touch Pro using Sense (TouchFLO). 23xxx or 28xxx included.

*** PLEASE if you know of or find a newer Sprint-TV cab either post here with a link or the cab itself, so we can keep everyone up on the latest... helping others... THANK YOU ***

Free ESPN & Disney channel (live) to all Sprint data customers.
Complete 'Basic' channel list here:
Sprint TV - Mobile TV from Sprint

** Don't get confused: Sprint TV & the TV/Video out cable have NOTHING to do with each other **
I've included the info below due to the massive amount of confusion on the subject!

Search terms (sprint tv, sprint_tv, sprintv, sprinttv, sprint-tv,, sprint-tv cab)

Touch Pro (TP1) SPRINT TV:
* that works on VGA (TP), is the same WVGA (TP2) cab* Works fine on all ROMs, you may just have to run the sprint provisioning cab that came with your ROM build / flash,
Landscape isn't working on TP1 (you can watch TV fine in portrait mode... (up & down vs. sideways))

" works on the TP1, and it does work in landscape mode using the accelerometer but the only downfall is it doesn't stretch the video to fullscreen while in landscape mode." (thanks)

Touch Pro (TP1) Video OUT:
(often incorrectly called TV out)
Use your multi adapter that came with it (USB male with female usb power, 2.5mm & 3.5mm), plug in any video cable (has to have 3 rings on it: gives you 4 contact areas, 1. ground 2. video 3. left speaker 4. right speaker not in that order), sometimes switching the red & yellow RCA side into the TV. (depending on the cable you use)
**Does NOT (WILL NOT) work with Sprint TV!!! (everything else including YouTube)
Read this thread:, check out pic in post #308ish. May need to run enabletvout cab in post 1, thanks to techfury90.

TP2 SPRINT TV: All cabs below work on TP2, you should see the welcome movie. After the initial install & you may start Sprint TV, if it "gets stuck" on the menu, & you can't select the softkeys.. (TV, Radio,..), simply open the keyboard, go into landscape mode & then the menu (soft keys) will work, you can even then watch back in portrait if you want.
TP2 Video OUT (called TV out): Does NOT work with Sprint TV!!! (everything else including YouTube) Any of the 4 methods (A-D) described below:
A. Take TP1 3 way adapter (power, 2.5mm, 3.5mm) from my old Touch Pro. Cut it open and cut the blue wire (pin 4). Then plug in any 3.5mm video cam cable (see above), sometimes you have to switch the red and yellow wires (plug red into the yellow port & vise versa). Phone switches into Video (TV) out mode automatically. Also known as "knocking out the pin" trick. Where you break off pin 4 of the male usb. (accomplishing the same thing)
B. The "tape trick", cutting a super tiny piece of tape & taping pin 4 of the male usb side. Hard to do with big hands! Plus the tape comes off. YouTube videos if you google.
C. Use the same TP1 3 way adapter & any video cable (3 ring, see above) sometimes switching the red & yellow depending on the cable, THEN run the enableTV out cab below (should be named This is also called the registry hack, but someone made up a cab (many of them out there) that when you run it either makes the reg mod or installs a program/toggle that makes it for you.
D. Buy the HTC TV/Video out cable or a knock off like this: HTC Touch Pro2 TV Out Cable AC T110 #73H00274-00M - eXpansys Inc & it'll work for you. (tons of them out there, check ebay for cheaper ones)

** With some really old Win 6.1 ROMs & very old Sprint TV cabs, you could move the error box out of the way & watch Sprint Tv with video out, but that has long since been corrected.

** If you are loading a custom ROM, you should load/run the sprint provisioning cab for YOUR ROM. (You don't need the Mrx cab unless running his ROM, it has been reported to mess up some peoples data connections)
Let me know if they don't work for you, because they do work & will for you too! I can help, but i'm a little slow getting back to you!

1.7.2108582 is the newest one!
(NOT Tested yet on TP1) Someone please test?
Energy questions? Read posts 1-6 and ENERGY FAQ WIKI cdma FIRST!! .. (GSM here)
*HOW TO! *Voice (MSVC), Bing, Tellme *ANDROID *TV
Don't hit THANKS (I've got a bad rep & want to keep it that way!)

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